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Sustainable Fair Trade Condoms

Sustainable Fair Trade Condoms

We've got approval.

We've got approval.

All of our condoms are electronically tested.

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Sustainable condoms

Sustainable condoms

Because why would you put anything else in there?

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10% 4 Women

10% 4 Women

We donate 10% percent of profits to women's reproductive health organizations in the U.S.

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Did You Know?

50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended among 15-44 year olds.

Only 19% of single women in the U.S. regularly use condoms!

1 in 50 people have had sex on a plane.

10% of our profits support women’s reproductive healthcare.

70% of Americans have had sex in a car.

Our condoms are Fair Trade certified.

Sustain is a certified B-Corporation.

#1 biggest cause of global climate change? Overpopulation.

All of our condoms are free of Nitrosamines.

50% of the Sustain company is owned by women.

No worries, we're certified.

Fair Trade Rubber
Cruelty Free
Certified Vegan
Certified B Corporation
FSC Certified